13 days 3 hrs 3 min 15 sec

As if the anticipation were bad enough I have a countdown app on my phone.. yes 13 days 03 hrs 3 min 15 sec give or take a few hours…or days. Who really knows! I take comfort in my little countdown but really as I sit on the couch with my Braxton Hicks it reminds me that I am not in charge. Neither is she for that matter, God knows the hour and He will supply us the courage and grace we need exactly when we need it. I do imagine my water breaking and panic setting in sometimes. Any normal pregnancy with the second baby there’s the confidence of ‘I’ve done this before, I know what to expect’ but with this there’s not. But we’re doing the best we can. The last few weeks I have acquired a bassinet, a co-sleeper and we’re getting the car seat ready. I need to buy a pink outfit. In all this prep there has been so much peace. Like a blanket, just surrounding us. Grace and rest..and I just have to remind myself that I simply have to trust Him and the rest will take care of itself.

Leilah is not the only arrival we have coming. My mom, sister, sister’s fiancé, best friend and husband are arriving a few days before the birth to help out and be here for us. I keep making plans in my head like oh we could take the boat to Alcatraz or shop at Ghiradelli Square or the zoo! Oh wait- no. That’s not why they’re here and I definitely am in no shape to hike around Alcatraz- waddle around yes, hike no. I am touched by their willingness to be part of this event, it takes courage, I am blessed to have them. 

So last Tuesday I met with my midwife. Tomorrow we have another appt. Leilah continues doing great, very active, strong heart beat, head down. Once again having a midwife that has faith, that prays with me for a miracle – its just an incredible blessing. I’m still in awe that God worked that out.

On Wednesday Nick and I head to Redding for Healing conference with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. The conference will teach on  a variety of healing aspects but the two that struck Nick and I were ‘The Thrill of Victory’ and ‘The Agony of Defeat’. Each night there will be an alter call for those in need of healing, I will be first in line getting all the ministry I can for my baby girl. 

Prayer Requests:

  • The Conference, Thursday and Friday. We are not going just to seek healing for Leilah but also to be loved on and to love our God. We desire/expect a radical encounter with Papa God. We want to be sewn to His heart and not to our circumstance. That no matter the outcome we want to have a fresh fire and revelation to keep us anchored in.
  • For Nick & I’s time together at the conference. I just want a joy filled, life giving time with my hubby. We are great friends and our love language is quality time, something that has been missing the past month with our busy life. We have 3 days together at the conference and then we have 4 days until our guests arrive, 12 until she comes. And some great sleep would be nice too…
  • For B, my handsome, active little 19 month old. That his heart would receive all that God has in store for him in the next few weeks. This is affecting and will impact him whether or not he’s really comprehending what is happening. He’ll be at his grandparents house quite a bit during this so I know he’ll be loved on. But I just pray for a special time for him. Also I pray that we as parents would demonstrate that we serve a Good God who has no limits. I want that to echo in his heart and set the course for his life. That he would have crazy faith!
  • Financially, having a baby isn’t budget friendly. If we end up needing hospice care or anything extra please pray that we continue to see His abundant provision. The last two months we have been incredibly blessed and humbled with anonymous checks in the mail- to whoever you are – THANK YOU! You have no idea what an immense and timely blessing those were.
  • Our family and friends. Please pray for the hearts that have been softened and drawn towards the Lord. We want lives to be impacted for Christ regardless of the outcome. 
  • And lastly, the birth itself. Quick, natural labor with a healthy beautiful baby girl at the end.

🙂 Aubrey



  1. So many opportunities (over the next few weeks) for God’s grace to Shine. For your Journey, heart and strength to fill others. Many times in our lives we have no way of knowing how our actions can impact others.
    I am continually amazed at your fortitude. No matter His outcome, Leilah Jubilee will have a special place in my heart. And she will always reserve a special place in O’s.
    We will pray for continued Healing, steadfast Love and unshakeable Faith.
    Love, K and O

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